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Apartments with pool and garden in Kuens near Meran - South Tyrol, Italy

Here you
will find
peace & relaxation

Take a deep breath. At Villa Bea, coming down is so much easier than anywhere else. Our garden is terraced and offers various quiet zones and retreats, a barbecue area with pleasant intimacy and a cosy campfire site.

You are welcome to help yourself to the various herbs and ripe fruit on the trees. And if everything goes well, soon you will be able to dip your toes in the pool and enjoy the water.

do nothing.

Why always higher, faster, further? We think it's not so wrong to just do nothing at all and let everything slide.

At Villa Bea, nothing could be easier. By the fireplace, among the old plum, apple and apricot trees and surrounded by palms, figs, cypresses ...

Our garden is our little enchanted place where even adults become children again.

Experience moments of pure happiness in our apartments.

Barrier-free and dog-friendly apartments in South Tyrol - Merano, Italy

Time together
Request a holiday offer - Apartments near the spa town of Meran

You can't buy happiness, but you can consciously take time and then fill it with moments of happiness. If you dream of sweet idleness, quiet gardens and beautiful mountains, you are in the right place in our Villa Bea. Here, relaxation, inspiration and love of the mountains come first.

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